Banner Rotators

Banner rotators can be found in numerous configurations. Some are expensive and some are free depending on the functions they offer. Since banners were one of the first and are still a very popular way to advertise on the internet, you need to experiment with different types to see what pleases your visitors and also what makes you the most money.

A banner is a hyperlinked picture to another website with only one purpose, to get the visitor to go to the linked pages and hopefully buy or do what every action is desired. When promoting affiliate products, banners can be a very powerful advertising tool. Depending on your site size and topic, you need to find enough products to vary banners around your site.

Using a simple copy and paste link may be easy but choosing the easy way isn't necessarily the right way. You do need to think of your visitors, don't rely on just one banner, even though showing the same banner may get sells, your visitors will become bored with seeing the same thing everytime and begin to ignore it. Give them a choice by using a banner rotator and your over all results will improve.

Remember, internet pages will produce different results depending on the type of visitors they recieve. Chosing banners or advertisements based on these facts, you can show your visitors exactly what they are looking for.

In conclusion banner rotators are worth thier weight in gold but banners, in general have been a victim of their own success. Best pratice is not to overkill with banners. Using a banner rotator to display multiple banners rather than showing a lot of banners on the same page and use banners of the same display size to ensure they always appear in the correct place and will not interfere with text or other page features.

Webmasters Script Package

Included in package:

Mailto Link Encoder
Bookmark Script
URL Re-Direct
URL Cloak
Url Rotator
Banner Rotator
Iframe Script


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